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Creativity and the Bible September 15, 2010

Posted by TJ Friend in Application, General Principles, OICA.
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Hello again. This will be my final blog, at least for awhile. I wanted to finish things out with an important and extremely overlooked aspect of reading/studying the Bible: creativity. Everyone is creative to some degree or another. Unfortunately, must of us do not get the chance to use the creative gifts God has given us. I think this is sad, because for me creativity is a way of getting past our logic and reasoning side and tapping into a freedom that allows for true expression of who we are. Through creative expression we can understand ourselves and our emotions/feelings better. Being creative also gives us a way to communicate to others in a way that speaks past a person’s mind and touches their heart.

Reading the Bible is a spiritual exercise. God doesn’t just speak to your mind. He speaks to your heart and your soul. Because God often speaks things that go beyond comprehension, it can be hard to integrate them into your life. There are a few different ways to accomplish this. As I mentioned in a previous post, talking about what God has revealed to you can help you integrate that truth into your life. You can also journal or simply pray back to God what He has shown you. But, what I want to talk about today is finding a creative outlet to express what God is speaking.

Art can be and often is a form of worship to God. We bring glory to God as we represent part of his creation to others through an artistic medium. But we also glorify God simply by exercising the gifts and talents He has given us. Artistic expression revolving around the Bible and what God has revealed is even more glorifying to God, because it allows God to speak directly to others.

How important is drawing, or painting? As I said earlier, creative expression allows you to connect with God in a way that you would not be able to see otherwise. God is spirit and those who worship Him must do so in spirit and in truth. Just comprehending truths about God is not enough. There is a second aspect that involves our spirit connecting to His Spirit. I think creative expression is the way to do this.  God is a creative God. He created the entire universe. And although not to the same degree, there is are things which we can create as well. In so doing we are coming in line with our created purpose.

What am I suggesting through all this? We need to take what we have learned from God through the Bible and creatively express it to ourselves and others. Paint, draw, sing, write a song, write a peom, make up a dance, sculpt something, make a collage, take a picture, write a script, write a story, sew something, carve something, build something. Just do something creative! I will leave you with no summary today or reflection. This whole post is actually a reflection on the theme I’ve been building since day one. Instead I leave you with a poem I wrote about the Bible. Enjoy!

The Sword of the Word

let me tell you a tale

without the Bible

we are liable to grow stale

and pale as our spiritual muscles fail

due to atrophy

its a catastrophe how easily

we deny our need for help

and instead rely in our feeble self

we stumble through this life

hoping to get it right

accepting our plight

we have lost our “fight”

We need to get back to the Book

give it more than a look

but instead we are hooked

on feeding our minds

with shows designed to entertain

and drain our desire

for what is good

and although we should

feed our soul

we’d rather feed the hole

that is formed as we dull

our desires and quench the fire

of passion for Jesus.

He wants to free us and make us

mature and complete

I repeat

the reason our lives get off track

is that we turn our back

instead of facing the attack

with the sword of the word

it is absurd

to have a weapon of such power

and then cower with fear

when the enemy draws near

so take the Bible off of the shelf

and get back your spiritual health

as you feast on the abundant wealth

of truth

you may feel weak

or your situation is bleak

let God speak

and let His words wreak

havoc on Satans lies

when he tries to speak doubt or shame

don’t play his game

you have authority in Jesus name

you are free

and when you speak

and believe

Satan has to flee

reading the word is not about being smart or super skilled

it is the humble that see God and it is the hungry that are filled



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